Staff turnover and ill-equipped staff can be crippling to your business. Not only is the loss of intellectual property significant when a fully trained staff member leaves, but there is, of course, a fiscal impact in hiring and re-training effective staff members that some reports have as high as two and a half times the salary (per person).

We have had some clients attribute a reduction of at least 70% in their staff turnover to our Smart-Train process and the work we have been doing with them. 

That represents a significant saving to any company’s bottom line.

 We have been implementing the SMART-TRAIN Process for over 30 years here in New Zealand, and around the world, helping some great companies to maintain their prosperity through high quality trained staff.  Getting the best people performing at their best, and managing the growth of any company rarely happens well by accident…  it takes planning, strategy, training, and ongoing focus on development and best practice. We’re here to assist New Zealand SME’s to achieve optimum results in business through having their best people working to their highest ability.  

One of the things we learned many years ago, and have been refining and redefining what works in  training methodology as a result of this, is that training often fails because of four key things:

  1. Lack of awareness of the need for training  by individuals – or lack of engagement in the process of it because it is seen an an ‘event’ not a process.
  2. Lack of ensuring that all the people who need to be involved in company training are included and engaged in it.
  3. Paradigm Paralysis – or a failure to want to change, because ‘we’ve always done it this way.
  4. Lack of ongoing coaching and follow up support to the training undertaken so that real and sustainable change is limited from happening.

With Smart-Train, training is never proposed as ‘just’ an event, rather it is a process that starts with a Personal Profile to clearly identify each staff member’s strengths and weaknesses. Once a personal profile has been completed, the training process begins with workshops tailored to the trainee’s key needs. Training can be carried out online and we also run coaching sessions and seminars to instil key concepts and build on key attributes and skills.

Once the training has been completed, the key needs are reassessed to ensure the trainees have all modified their behaviours.

Follow through then flows to ensure new behaviours have become new habits.  That’s part of the Smart-Train difference. 


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