Failures not an option!

Post COVID19 how many businesses are going to fail????? Is this just because of the Pandemic or were these businesses only just keeping their heads above water and potentially doomed to failure eventually anyway? In my book "The Other 'F' Word" I examine the most...

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Double Down!

Ask yourself this question. do sportspeople, top performers increase or decrease training after a defeat, after a loss? The top people double down and increase training and work harder to regain the ascendancy. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen in business. As...

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Crisis and Wellbeing

As we emerge from the crisis of COVID19 is the personal WELLBEING of ourselves and our teams fit and ready for the massive challenges we face. Stress, Loss of purpose and self-esteem, lack of of a plan - are all signs that the 'Enemies of Self' are at work....

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Stress and Anxiety post COVID19

We've all heard of the silent killer COVID19 but there is another one around at present and it may in fact be more deadly - STRESS. The enormous impact of COVID in a business sense has caused lots of stress and anxiety with the resulting financial crisis....

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The Power of Purpose with a Time Frame

Purpose and Time Frames are Critical for Realistic Goals If we are to avoid having a loss of purpose, control our thinking and keep our thoughts focused on our goals then there are some principles of goal-setting we should...

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Resistance to Change is Fear Based

We all live in a changing world and the greatest challenge we have, both in our business and personal lives is quite simply the challenge of change.  Being willing to Anticipate, Accept and to Adapt.  So often, it is practically impossible for us to realize the...

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The Issue With Goal Setting

When we train our minds to think clearly about our goals, we achieve more. It is self-evident that we are all different. We can look right within our companies, the offices in which we work, within our own households and families, and see that there are some people...

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Understanding Ourselves as Part of a Success Formula

In the 1600’s, Shakespeare wrote – “The fault lies not in our stars but in ourselves”. In the late 1800’s, John Ruskin, the English critic and philosopher, made this statement – “There is only one small corner of the universe that each and every one of us can...

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The Cost of Failing to Control Stress

If we allow the failures within us to take over, it often leads to another failure, stress; which in turn affects our health and subsequently, undermines our performance ability. It might surprise you to know that as many as one in five workers in the United Kingdom...

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The Lure of the Trappings of Success

Excerpt from The Other F Word - Failure No.3 - Being Devoted to the Trappings of Success I often ask participants at my “Self-Development” workshops: “Are some people more interested in the trappings of success than actually achieving success itself?” I ask that...

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