Small & Medium Enterprise

When it’s time to get clear on what’s really working in your business, that means exploring everything from resource management, getting the best people doing their best work, managers managing processes that work, and leadership developed for the good of your company.

Four courses, each with between 3-8 modules, delivered with the busy SME manager in mind.

We get that you and your team are time challenged, so we’ve created programmes that deliver hard, fast, and yet are supported so you can be assured your teams are learning what’s necessary to help boost your company’s productivity and profitability.

Short videos, workbooks, and coaching support – we’re interested in seeing your teams flourish with new skills, and refreshed knowledge, easily.

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Customer Centred Selling

A programme for retail sales that embraces a new way of selling. From the old-style features/benefits/close to diagnosis/solution/open accounts. Recognition that today’s customer does not want to be SOLD – they want to be helped. They do research online and need help to find the right solution to their problem.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

In today’s Consumer Driven economy, the customer has numerous choices. With online options and massive choices, the need today is to meet and then exceed customer expectation of what we want them to remain loyal to – our brand, our product or our service. Just doing enough, no longer works. Customers expect more and only stay if the expectations are exceeded.

Lean Productivity for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

The pace of change, the online choices, the levels of competition, require all SMES to be more productive, more competitive in all aspects of production, operation and marketing. Today we bring world class productivity processes to the SME marketplace to ensure we survive in today’s global competitive marketplace.

Health and Safety for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

A guide to the processes, systems and controls required in today’s highly compulsion-oriented marketplace. A programme to ensure all SMEs comply with regulations and in turn ensure total safety for employees, customers and contractors.


 To provide SME manager/owners
with the Leadership and Team
Learning Skills needed to
effectively coach and develop
their staff.
 To provide SME’s with access to
world class training content via the
Smart-Train online system.


 The manager/owner completes personal profile.
 The manager/owner attends Smart-Train’s 3-day
Strategic Leadership and Team Learning Skills
 The SME has licenced access for up to 10 employees
to two of the following programmes:
1. Customer Centred Selling
2. Exceeding Customer Expectations
3. Health & Safety Basics
4. Lean Productivity
 Quarterly coaching sessions

For the FULL Package:

There are 3 levels of workshop

1. Day,,



The FULL PACKAGE option is subject to qualification for assistance under the NZTE Small Business Programme.

Especially suited to managers working with larger or multiple teams, across a wide range of industries.

NEW Hands OFF Option:

If you want to just get the programme, deliver it to your team, and push past the idea of attending workshops and enjoy the coaching support, we’ve also got you covered.  For $99 per month, you can access the entire programme and deliver it your way, to your people, as you wish. 


  • Min 12 months subscription
  • Access videos and workbooks and deliver to your teams as and when you want to.
  • Does not qualify for NZTE Subsidies
  • Smart-train Coaching support and workshops are optional extras
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At Smart-Train we work on first obtaining a clear diagnosis before prescribing training and development that is accurately targeted to what is really needed, where it’s needed and who needs is most!

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We introduce you to the key concept of Symptoms-based coaching, and provide you with access and skills so you can effectively coach your people (and yourself) through a continuous improvement process.


On-Line interactive video-based refresher materials, plus our on-line profiling system helps you to get the training you really need, when you need it.


How good are you at selling? What's your Social Style, and how can you use that knowledge to advantage? What is your Work Preference Profile? Your Mental Alertness score? 
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